Insect & Disease control

Insect & Disease control

Summer is the time of year where turf grass is most vulnerable to insects and diseases . Grubs are the larvae of a variety of beetles. These insects can devastate any lawn they encounter.  Grubs burrow into the soil and feed on the turfs roots.  But insects are commonly confused with some diseases like Necrotic Rings, Spot Fungus, molds, root rot, a shallow root system, and dead soils.

Tuff Green offers a grub prevention treatment along with, fungicide application for disease. We use an integrated approach to managing insects and diseases that begins with maintaining plant health using sound cultural practices  and creating optimal soil conditions for plant growth.

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We are a local company owned by an Agronomist, with a number of years of experience in Turfgrass management, Pesticide management, Soil and Plant science.