Shrub & Tree Care


Protecting and feeding your ornamental shrubs and trees is one of our ultimate mission. TUFF GREEN provides solutions to protect your plants against pests and diseases throughout the year.   During each growing season, our licensed lawn care specialist diagnoses, monitor and treat insects and diseases using integrated pest management approach.

We offer 6 applications throughout the year and 2 Deep root fertilization as an optional service to keep your shrubs and trees greener, healthier and more attractive.

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Shrub & Tree Care Program

1 EARLY SPRING: Dormant oil application to control overwintering insects.

 2 MID SPRING: Foliar fertilization / Deep root fertilization to stimulate new growth, green up and improve plants vigor.

 3 EARLY SUMMER: Insect and disease application to protect plants against damaging insects such as leaf miners, caterpillars, spider mites and to prevent diseases such as Apple Scab, fire blight and anthracnose etc.…

  4 MID SUMMER: Insect and disease application to protect plants against damaging insects such as Japanese beetles, weevils, bagworm, scales and to prevent diseases such as leaf spots and powdery mildew etc.…

 5 LATE SUMMER: Foliar fertilization to help plants recovering from the summer drought stress.

  6 FALL:   Dormant oil application / Deep root Fertilization Dormant oil application help preventing overwintering insects’ eggs from hatching while Deep root fertilization with a balanced fertilizer help to strengthen plants root system for winter.